Z Range

Tiger DCz

Silver Tiger DCz is the smallest of the new, pure fiberglass Silver Z models.


*boat only, please call for engine prices

Silver Tiger DCz is a 2 berth pure fiberglass Silver Z model. The hull is, as familiar from the larger fiberglass models, designed utilizing the unique Swedish Petestep® technology. The design is made by Norwegian design agency Eker Design AS.

As with its big sister Raptor the Tiger DCz features a front cabin, which invites you to spend summer nights on-board the boat. The co-pilot’s console can be fitted with a pantry, complete with a portable gas stove, tap and faucet and water system. The pantry, together with the spacious U-sofa and a table for the stern open deck, makes this model the perfect companion for those who enjoy entertaining and spending quality time with friends and family out on the sea.

Silver Tiger had its world premiere at the Helsinki Boat-Afloat show in August 2018, later in September it was launched to the Swedish market at the Gustavsberg floating show ‘Allt på Sjön’ and to the Norwegian market at the floating boat show ‘Båter i Sjøen’ at the Aker Brygge in Oslo.

The Tiger DCz was the winner of the 2019 BOB (Best of Boats) award.

  • Length-6,06 m
  • Width-2,36 m
  • Weight-approx. 1 150 kg
  • Number of passengers-6
  • Engine-115-150 hp
  • Estimated top speed with two persons-40 kts
  • Approval-CE/C
  • Deadrise angle-19° (at the stern)
  • Hull-GRP
  • Seat boxes-GRP
  • Steering console-GRP
  • Deck-GRP
  • Windshield-Glass
  • Fuel tank-107 liters
  • Bottom-Petestep® technology, GRP